R Packages and Code

See my github page for source code.


Interactive learnr package for teaching beginning exploratory data analysis and statistics. authors: Ted Laderas and Jessica Minnier.


A package in development to automatically select features from electronic medical record data for phenotype classification, including features from natural language processing (NLP).


The functions in this code can be used to obtain confidence intervals for regression coefficients from certain regularized regression methods. Please see the article for reference.

Code to implement simulations and data analyses from:

Minnier J, Tian L, Cai T. (2011). A Perturbation Method for Inference on Regularized Regression Estimates. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 106(496), 1371-1382.

Reproducible Research - OHSU Knight Biostatistics Shared Resource

I contribute to the repository of reproducible code and presentations for the Knight BSR. Presentations on knitr, markdown, github, and chapters from reproducible research books are included.

Data Sharing Policies - OHSU Library

I contribute to the repository of code for our submitted paper on data sharing policies.

Vasilevsky NA, Minnier J, Haendel MA, Champieux R. Reproducible and reusable research: Are journal data sharing policies meeting the mark?

Omics R Utilities - OHSU Computational Biology

I contribute to the repository of code for omics analysis maintained and developed by the OHSU Computational Biology Core. These functions are useful for differential expression and pathway analysis of genomic data.

Code for this website: jminnier.github.io

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