Other Teaching

Harvard Instructor

Spring 2012, Co-Instructor for Problem Solving in Advanced Statistics

Harvard Teaching Assistant

Spring 2011, 2012 T.A. for EPI511 Advanced Population and Medical Genetics (Prof Alkes Price)
Spring 2011, T.A. for BIO214 Principles of Clinical Trials (Professor James Ware)
Summer 2010, T.A. for BIO209 Statistics for Medical Research (Professor Kerrie Nelson)
Summer 2009, 2010, T.A. for BIO206/207/208 Introductory Statistics for Medical Research (Professors John Orav and E. Francis Cook, Jr.)
Spring 2010, T.A. for BIO226 Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis (Professor Michael Hughes)
Fall 2008, T.A. for BIO222 Basics of Statistical Inference (Professor Paige Williams)